Carbon-sulfur analyzer
          Infrared Carbon-sulfur analy
          High frequency Infrared Carb
          Direct reading spectrometer
          Stokehole analyzer
          Multielement analyzer
          Metal element analyzer
          Metallographic analyzer
          Casting test instrument
          Five-element analyzer
          Silicon-carbon analyzer
          Liquid iron thermometer
          Stokehole liquid iron qualit
          Metal material analysis inst
          Stainless steel analyzer
          Chemical analysis instrument
          Aluminum alloy analyzer
          Copper alloy analyzer
          Alloy analysis instrument
          Mineral analyzer
          Portable spectrometer
          Laboratory instruments
          Analytical apparatus
          Crusher, Drying cabinet, Phy...
          Instrument accessories & con

As a high-tech research, production and sales enterprise, Nanjing Jinshi Analysis Instrument Factory is receiving high reputations for strong technical force, powerful strength, advanced technology, innovative and reasonable design as well as simple and convenient operation. Our products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, metal products, Casting, construction, petrochemicals, technical supervision, universities, research institutes and other departments; to test steel, iron and Alloy such as: Copper Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Iron Alloy, Zinc Alloy, Lead Alloy and so on; and the Element content in Non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal, ore, coke and other materials; the chemical analysis of carbon, sulfur, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, iron, copper, silicon, manganese, magnesium, zinc, lead, titanium, cobalt, rare earth as well as a variety of supporting equipment of physicochemical room. We also provide dozens kinds of instruments; we provide top/medium/common grade products for meet the different demands of customers.

Our main products are: Laboratory instruments, Analytical apparatus, analyzer, Carbon-sulfur analyzer, Element analyzer, Alloy steel analyzer, Stainless steel analyzer, Non-ferrous metal Laboratory instruments, Steel Laboratory instruments, Mineral analyzer, High frequency Infrared Carbon-sulfur analyzer, microcomputer Multielement analyzer, computer Carbon-sulfur high speed analyzer, iron mine analyzer, Aluminum alloy analyzer, Copper alloy analyzer, straight carbon steel analyzer, full-automatic Carbon-sulfur high speed Laboratory instruments, metal element set Analytical apparatus, Steel Alloy Element Detection Analytical apparatus, Cast iron Carbon-sulfur analyzer, three-element analyzer, Chemical Laboratory instruments, Zinc Alloy analysis instrument, common supporting equipment for laboratory .

For a long time, Jinshi has been adhering to the policy of "get development by technology, quality first", operating in strictly accordance with "Enterprise Law" and managing our business in strictly accordance with ISO9001: 2000 quality system; therefore, we have won the praise of our customers. Now, our products are being used in war industry, Shougang, Ma. Steel, Chongqing Iron and Steel Company (CISC), the subordinate enterprises of Ministry of Railways and many large enterprises, and some of them are well sold in international market. Over the years, our contract fill rate keeps 100 percent, and customer satisfaction rate keeps 99%.

Golden promise and diamond-like quality are the goal that Jinshi is always seeking for. We sincerely hope our cooperation will bring your business more profits.

Solemn commitment:
1, a year of “three guarantees” (for repair replacement or compensation of faulty products), life-long service, regularly visit to customers;
2, free installation, commissioning, consignment agent;
3, free training laboratory personnel to help build laboratory;
4, provide material analysis process, help offering supporting physical and chemical detection equipment and accessories for Laboratory instruments;
5, all kinds of accessories for Laboratory instruments (glassware, analytical balance, silicon molybdenum powder, tin particles, standard samples, reagents, and other additives).

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